Cross-Disciplinary Focus: Music, Digital and Intellectual debate
From 4 to 8 May 2016 in Lyon, France


© Brice Robert Photographe


The Institut français has partnered with the ARTY FARTY agency to organise a cross-disciplinary FOCUS - music, digital, intellectual debate– as part of the Nuits sonores festival and the European Lab forum in 2016 in Lyon.

With the aim of promoting the new French cultural and intellectual scene and fostering professional networking, a selection of foreign professionals will be invited to attend this event, in close partnership with the French cultural network abroad. FOCUS programme is in keeping with the various projects that have previously been carried out by the Institut français as part of its mission, in the fields of the performing arts, music, and the visual arts, and with its activities in the fields of the social sciences and humanities, ideas and knowledge, urban planning, or innovation and new digital writing.

ARTY FARTY, a major cultural player on the Lyon scene, defines itself as a European cultural enterprise, working with dedication in the fields of culture, creation and innovation. Thanks to the richness of issues that they deal with and the quality of the content they offer, the Nuits Sonores festival and the European Lab forum, both major events that were designed and set up by this agency, offer an ideal platform for this cross-disciplinary FOCUS and the various issues it aims to engage with.

The issues that will be explored during this event allow us to investigate the culture of tomorrow, and the challenges connected to it. The emerging generation of young artists constitutes hugely valuable capital for France today, and even more so for years to come. It is this generation that makes our country attractive and gives it a positive image, but also and above all that produces value and social cohesion here, in the widest possible sense. This new creative scene is our country’s main asset, and is at the heart of Arty Farty and the Institut français’ projects.

Nuits sonores and European Lab cultivate a cross-disciplinary approach to the cultural sector, based on emerging talent, innovation, and a forward-looking spirit. This line of development fits perfectly with the Institut français’ mission, which is to work on a daily basis with the entirety of the French cultural network abroad to defend these new perspectives across all sectors of the arts and creative industries. It is this common philosophy that has led to the two institutions working in partnership within the framework of this FOCUS.


> Description of the Focus:

> Cross-disciplinary operation aimed at promoting the new French cultural and intellectual scene in the fields covered by the Nuits sonores festival and the European Lab forum: conversations, debates, presentation of artistic projects, and networking between French, European and international professionals.

Issues addressed:

Music Industries and Creative Sectors / Incubation and Cultural Entrepreneurship / Cultural Sector Funding and New Business Models / New Media / Architecture – Urban Planning and Creative Cities / Mobility of Ideas and of Artists – Cultural Exchanges in Mediterranean Countries and in Territories in Crisis

- to identify leading international professionals in the fields covered, connect them to the relevant professional industries in France, and support the international development of these French professional industries, in particular by supporting their involvement in European networks,
- to encourage and develop new partnerships and increase the number of opportunities for French artists and professionals in Europe and beyond, 

- to take part in debates and conversations about the place of Culture in Europe and the world, 

- to cross over the networks of the Institut français and of the cultural network with those of the European Lab forum and of the Nuits sonores festival (Culture Action Europe, De Concert, Eurocities, Agenda XXI, We are Europe, ECAS), and to involve them in the thinking and planning taking place within the framework of the Lab,
- to support the initiatives being carried out by the French cultural network in the relevant sectors, and to develop or strengthen privileged relationships with key players in these fields, 

- to promote the export of the young, emerging French creative scene,
- to promote and pool good practices in project management, 
to strengthen France’s attractiveness in relevant fields.


Given the importance of the Institut français’ presence at this event, we will put particular effort into communication, by promoting the professionals we have invited and the cultural network, which are involved in all of these issues we will touch upon.

The FOCUS will also be connected to the Carte blanche to Seoul that has been put forward in the framework of the France-Korea Year 2015-2016.


> Participants :

French and international professionals working in the various fields covered by the project, with priority given to:

—  Music Industries and Arts Sectors
 : Promoters, festival and cultural venue programmers, directors of performance and screening venues, label representatives, editors, design studios, cross-disciplinary festival directors, initiators of innovative projects, agencies working in the digital arts sector, in video and in room design 

—  Incubation and Cultural Entrepreneurship : 
Institutional leaders, decision-makers, thinkers, incubators, fab labs, hacker spaces, third places, festivals, entrepreneurs, start ups 

—  Cultural Sector Funding and New Economic Models : Decision-makers, researchers, academics, economists, project initiators, media, festivals, entrepreneurs. Players in the collaborative economy, peer to peer and emerging economic models

—  New Media
 : Journalists, media managers, websites, new paper media, incubators for innovative media projects 

—  Architecture / Urban Planning and Creative Cities
Architects’ offices, engineers, collectives, visual artists and artists working in an urban environment on the issues of connected and intelligent cities.


We will define various schedules within the programme depending on the interests of the international participants we invite.


> Additional information :

In French

In English



European Lab

European Lab is a forum for both professionals and the public with everybody who contributes to tomorrow’s culture.In today’s Europe, tempted national decline, conservatism and populism, the European Lab involves new generations of European cultural stakeholders defending their critical independence from politics, finance, religion and institutions.The digital revolution of the creative industries, the economy and the independence of creation, cultural entrepreneurship and new media are at the heart of our main ideas focusing on the emergence, innovation and evolution of public policy within the European Union. European Lab Forum surrounds all cultural fields (new images, media, Internet, publishing, music etc.) that are dealing with major economic, technological and democratic issues affecting their future, our future, the future of European culture in the 21st century With the new generations of European cultural activists and the public, the forum question and considers the future of culture in this time of crisis and change facing our society. The European Lab takes place at the same time and place as the Nuits Sonores festival in Lyon, allowing professionals and the public to combine networking and the arts.


Nuits sonores

Nuits Sonores is a French festival dedicated to electronic, independent, visual and interactive cultures, taking place every year around Ascension Day over 5 days and 5 nights in Lyon.

Nuits Sonores is a French festival entirely dedicated to electronic, independent, visual and digital cultures where music, design, graphic arts and architecture are intimately connected. Each year, the festival transforms about 40 locations across the city.

Since the festival’s beginnings, over 250 locations in Lyon have been used and redesigned including art galleries, industrial wastelands, rooftops and even swimming pools. This has always encouraged the public to explore and discover the festival by foot, bike or using public transport. Nuits Sonores aims to decode past, present and future innovative cultures. This unique and curious mind-set brings together headliners and rising talent, popular music and niche music from local, national and international scenes.

For 13 years now, the festival has transformed Lyon into a free-spirited city for five days and five nights. It becomes a giant playground for those who love and share this culture and spirit of top-quality music, curiosity and new encounters.



Born in 1999 in Lyon, Arty Farty is a totally European and independent non-profit organisation. We aim to develop and promote independent culture in music and the visual arts, as well as all related disciplinary fields and modern aesthetics including graphic design, food and digital creation... Here at Arty Farty, we pride ourselves on commitment and activism. We strive for a renewal of generations and public strategies in the cultural field, both locally and on a European scale. As such, we fight for the notion of cultural entrepreneurship, the protection and redistribution of public means for culture and a strengthened emphasis on the vision of culture in constructing tomorrow's cities.



    The FOCUS programme will be based on various events being organised for Nuits sonores and the European Lab Forum:

- Fresh&French, which will showcase all forms of French contributions to the festival (music, design, digital arts, installations, etc.), in partnership with the SACEM. This selection of events will allow us to put forward emerging artists in the fields of electronic music, independent music, and digital and visual arts, for the benefit of French and international professionals. The following artists have already confirmed their participation: Laurent Garnier, Chassol, Pablo Valentino, Christian Zanesi & Arnaud Robotini, Low Jack, Bambounou, S3A...

    - Networking Sessions / Meeting with French Professionals

    - Presentation of Projects / Pitching (Cultural Change-Makers)

    - Participation in the Programme of Plenary Sessions / Debates / Round Tables / Workshops of the Forum (programme currently being developed)

    - Participation in the “Apéros Lab” and Networking Time

    To these events will be added contents connected to projects managed by the Institut français:

    Tamkin, les jeunesses engagées du monde arabe (Tamkin, Committed Youth in the Arab World):

A round table will revisit what has become of the participants in the SafirLab, a support programme for civil society engaging in issues of citizenship, media and local governance in North Africa and the Middle East, piloted by the Institut français and Canal France International. This discussion will allow us to explore the theme of citizen activism in a rapidly changing Arab world. 
The documentary feature film Tamkin, les jeunesses engagées du monde arabe will be free to access by the general public on the media platform.



    Hackathon "Living Memories" in partnership with European Lab and Simplon Lyon

    Whether civic or social, protest movements have in common the same leaning of producing ephemeral creations. From citizen expertise to poetic slogans, shared experiences to strategic thinking, these stories and savoir-faire are often written off by the emergency. How to create, share, make visible and useful these memories of citizens' movements? The hackathon « Living Memories » tackles this need by inviting four teams of international committed citizens, developers, designers, graphic designers and humanities students to imagine the forms and tools of a memory of struggles.


    - Culture Experience Day in Partnership with the ADAMI (TBC)

    These working sessions, which will be devoted to creating connected objects at the crossroads of artistic creation and technological innovation, are the result of the ADAMI’s reflection on the links between artists and inventors. This initiative will attempt to design new modes of interpreting works of art based on objects that are animated by technology and by the artist-performer. The aim will be to bring together makers, developers, designers and creatives in order for them to collaborate and invent the object prototypes and scenarios of tomorrow. See:

    Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Corner and Round Table:

    - A VR corner will offer a range of cultural, artistic or pedagogical contents, produced by French studios, in order to illustrate the diversity of productions that use this technology. Two spaces will be offered to the public, one showcasing artistic and cultural contents, and the other showcasing documentary and journalistic contents.

    - A round table on the question of “How can virtual reality enhance the cultural experience?” will bring together major players (producers, broadcasters, researchers, artists) and will allow us to explore the challenges and perspectives offered by this new medium in terms of artistic creation, promotion, and the ways in which it is used.

    - A workshop aimed at professionals on new forms of writing in the morning.

    - We are investigating the possibility of making a virtual reality recording of a live event at the Nuits Sonores festival, and of the set-up being mobile within the framework of the major cooperation project of which Arty Farty is the project leader: We Are Europe.

    In partnership with studio Okio


    Plenary Session: What Urban Planning for Sustainable Cities and the Cities of Tomorrow?

    The aim of this debate on the topic of cities is to multiply creative approaches in order to provide participants – be they the CEOS of a major industrial group, students, politicians, artists, engineers, architects or entrepreneurs – a dynamic, forward-looking and inspiring perception of what the city of tomorrow might look like, and to invite them to take part in building this city. Intelligent, connected, collaborative, ecological or creative, cities are also political spaces that are currently undergoing massive changes, faced with cultural, economic, aesthetic, technological and social challenges. We believe it is vital for the future to be discussed, shared, imagined and created by a broad community of citizens.

  • Tyrone Rubin SenseVirtual Afrique du Sud
  • Mehdi Hadj Sassi Indépendant Tunisie
  • Chang Fugu Ultra Dance Society Taïwan
  • Yazan Badran Syria Untold Syrie
  • Hamdi Ryder Downtown Vibes Tunisie
  • Souheil Jabeur Sport Citoyen Tunisie
  • Natalia Reyes Festival Arttec Colombie
  • Rachid Briki Agence algérienne pour le rayonnement culturel (AARC) Algérie
  • Samir Toumi La Baignoire Algérie
  • Fatemeh Ashrafi HAMI Iran
  • Alex Alvear / Équateur
  • Carmen Gil Vrolijk Festival Voltage Colombie
  • Ardin Badivuku Next Level Agency Kosovo
  • Vaibhav Chhabra Makers asylum Inde
  • Glenn Max Convergence Royaume-Uni
  • Claudine Boeglin Dandy Vagabons Ltd Royaume-Uni
  • Jo Wingate Sensoria Festival Royaume-Uni
  • Alain Amrah Horutanga Collectif Yaga Burundi
  • Fabiola Pazmiño Fundación Teatro nacional Sucre Équateur
  • Vincent Edin Indépendant France
  • Michael Hollett NXNE Canada
  • Elliot Lepers France
  • Vincent Marquis Eastern Bloc Canada
  • Antoine Cayrol OKIO Studio France
  • Karoline Markos Kamel The Lottery Égypte
  • Omar Aassou Association / Youth : Learn Politics Maroc
  • Nawres Hassen Teness Tunisie
  • HIND TOUISSATE According to Hind Maroc
  • Tan Yuan Chun Ultra dance society Taïwan
  • Daniela Stanich Festival Arttec Colombie
  • Özlem Ece-Aydinlik Cultural Policy Studies, İKSV (Istanbul Foundation for Culture & Arts) Turquie
  • Marcelo Felipe (Batman) Zavareze Marques (Zavareze) Festival Multiplicidade Brésil
  • Oliver Baurhenn CTM Festival Allemagne
  • Lisa-Marie JANKE Musicboard et Pop Kultur Allemagne
  • Damián Romero Martin MUTEK Mexique
  • Aivar Tõnso MTÜ Hea Uus Heli / Festival Üle Heli Estonie
  • Virkein Dhar IGNITE! Festival of Contemporary Dance Inde
  • Munbir Singh Chawla The Wild City and Magnetic Fields Festival Inde
  • Jelena Matičić KONTEJNER Croatie
  • Lukasz Napora Audioriver Festival Pologne
  • Heng Si Hui Creative, Zouk Consulting pte ltd Singapour
  • Ellen Pau Microwave New Media Art Festival Chine
  • Miao Wong ARP Creative & Dart Chine
  • Zhang Youdai CRI Easy FM Chine
  • Monica Angela Grazia Scanu IED Istituto Europeo di Design Italie