FOCUS Danse 2008

FOCUS DANSE LYON 2008, 25-27 septembre 


Focus danse is a forum for people to meet and exchange ideas, and provides an opportunity to discover new and recent pieces by artists working in France. Professionals of many nationalities (programmers, choreographers, dance critics, among others) will gather in Lyon to compare their experience in the circulation of choreographic works. This forum is designed to promote encounters between artists and professionals, and to generate fresh synergies to support the production and dissemination of dance. Over three days, round tables, workshops and conversations will place in perspective a range of international choreographicart initiatives. In the evenings, attendees can enjoy new and recent works by French creators on Biennale double bills.


september 25th : Opening



Par : Guy Darmet, directeur artistique - Biennale de la danse de Lyon,


Olivier Poivre d’Arvor, directeur - Culturesfrance, Monique Barbaroux,

directrice générale - Centre national de la danse (CND), Isabelle Faure,

directrice adjointe - NACRe (Nouvelle Agence Culturelle Régionale)

Rhône-Alpes, Fabien Jannelle, directeur - ONDA, Pascal Brunet,

directeur - Relais culture Europe

Debate: Dance support policies

Organised by the Centre national de la danse

Several countries encourage the development of dance

through public plans at federal, national and regional

level. How do these experiences – initiated in Germany,

Switzerland, Flanders (Belgium), Australia and Korea

– condition the various forms of choreographic-sector

support and structuring? What effects do these initiatives

have on creation, distribution and training?

With: Julie Dyson, director - Ausdance - Australian Dance Council

(Australia) / Jean-Marc Granet Bouffartigue, deputy managing director

in charge of artistic development - CND (France) / Jong-Ho Lee, artistic

director of the SIDance festival (Korea) / Ann Olaerts, director of VTI

- Vlaams Theater Instituut vzw (Belgium) / Murielle Perritaz, director of

Reso – Swiss Dance Network (Switzerland) / Madeline Ritter, Tanzplan

Deutschland project director (Germany) / Quentin Rouillier, head of

dance – Ministry of Culture (France)

Moderator: Monique Barbaroux, managing director - CND (France



september 26th : Encounter : Supporting French creativity across


Organised by Culturesfrance*

Having an international presence is a key factor in

choreographic companies’ development. Culturesfrance

will present the various schemes introduced to promote,

support and distribute French dance around the world.

The agency will also outline its missions to host foreign

cultures in France through Saisons and to support African

and Caribbean creativity through its programme Afrique

et Caraïbes en créations. Programmers and artists will

provide first-hand accounts of the various aspects of these

exchange schemes.

With: Jérôme Bel, choreographer (France) / Eduardo Bonito, artistic

director - Panorama Rio Arte festival (Brazil) / Dominique Hervieu,

choreographer and director - Théâtre National de Chaillot (France) /

Roger Merguin, co-director - Kulturhalle Dampzentrale (Switzerland)

/ Mourad Merzouki, choreographer - Compagnie Käfig (France)

/ Christine Paly, Sabine du Puytison, dance project officers -

Culturesfrance / Sophie Renaud, director of the Africa and Caribbean

department - Culturesfrance.

Moderator: Fanny Aubert Malaurie, director - Department of artistic

exchanges - Culturesfrance (France)

Meetings with choreographers and


Organised by the ONDA

These workshops will let artistic teams on the French scene

discuss their current projects with attending programmers.

With eight choreographers working in France.

Presentation: French dance panorama

What movements, aesthetics and new figures

are defining contemporary dance in France


With: Rosita Boisseau, journalist (Le Monde/France) and writer

Debate Programmers’ role:

How do European and French programmers are engaged

in producing and distributing choreographic artists? Which

mechanisms can be developed to support the circulation of

performing arts at European level?

With: Maria Gonzales, director - Mes de danza festival (Spain) /

Anne-Cécile Sibué, producer - Bureau Cassiopée (France) / Pierre

Martinez, production director – cultural centre in Amiens (France) /

Harry Rosenow, director - Espal – cultural centre in Le Mans (France) /

Stefan Schwarz, director of programming - Tanzhaus NRW in Dusseldörf


Moderator: Solange Dondi, dance adviser - ONDA (France)

En 2006 une dizaine de programmateurs étrangers avaient été invités à la Biennale de la Danse de Lyon par Culturesfrance en collaboration avec les services culturels de nos ambassades à l'étranger. Fort de cette première expérience, du contexte de la ville et de la Biennale 2008, la proposition de Culturesfrance de collaborer de manière plus engagée sur un événement circonscrit sur une courte période, a rencontré l’enthousiasme de Guy Darmet, Directeur de la Biennale et de la Maison de la Danse de Lyon.

Le contexte qui a contribué au lancement du Focus à Lyon dans le cadre de la Biennale de la Danse 2008 :

- Les 25 ans de la biennale de danse de Lyon : 

- La ville et la région : nombreuses structures dédiées à la danse : Ballet de l’Opéra National, la Maison de la Danse, les Subsistances, Les Nuits de Fourvière…les nombreuses compagnies le CCN de Rillieux/Maguy Marin, Cie Käfig/Mourad Merzouki et son festival hip hop Karavel, Cie la Baraka/Abou Lagraa, etc…

- Une infrastructure solide et de renommée internationale

8 compagnies invitées : Pierre Rigal, Angelin Preljocaj, Abou Lagraa, Franck Micheletti, Maguy Marin, Rachid Ouramdane, Fabrice Lambert, Kader Attou

2 parcours de 8 spectacles sur 3 jours

100 professionnels étrangers dont 80 invités par Culturesfrance en collaboration avec les sevices Culturels de nos ambassades