Focus Musique @ Mama 2014

As previously organized in the field of other performing arts (dance, theatre circus and street arts) and last year for the first time for music, l'Institut français and its partners, MaMA festival and Bureau Export, will organise the second Focus dedicated to popular music. This event will be held in the framework of MaMA's 5th edition in Paris from 15 to 17 October 2014. The invitation of music professionals from various countries is supported by French cultural network abroad (French Embassies, Instituts français, Alliances françaises).

Initiated by l'Institut français, this Focus aims to promote French music scene to around 60 invited professionals (festival artistic directors, booking agents, promoters, live music producers, label representatives, publishers etc). Its goal is to foster professional exchanges and collaborations to facilitate the international development of French artists.

This event will offer invited professionals the opportunity to take part in all the different activities organized through the MaMA programme: a selection of concerts, conferences, workshops and also speedmeeting sessions drawing upon the experience of the Bureau Export.

For music shows, priority will be given to emerging artists from various music styles promoted by MaMA. This Focus will provide opportunities to gather professionals from the same area in order to promote the organization of projects and regional tours.

As for the last edition, this project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the Ministry of Culture and Communication and SACEM, the French Copyright association of composers and music publishers. In 2013, this event enabled the promotion of the French music scene to 64 invited professionals from 32 countries. In total, more than 500 one-to-one meetings were organized, with more than 70 French companies participating.

Around 20 professionals from the French cultural network abroad will also be participating in MaMA this year.


Along with these events, for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, a specific focus on the music industry in China will be presented. A delegation of Chinese professionals, invited with the support from French Embassy in China and KaiGuan Culture, will attend MaMA and take part in a conference entitled « Manman Lai / Easy does it / Doucement mais surement : how to do Business in China », dealing with actors and specificities of the market, and also in speedmeetings with French professionals. Chinese artists – AM444, White+ - will be presented within MaMA's music programme.


This Focus will also include a new edition of 'Equation musique', a programme promoting professionals and artists from South (Africa, Caribbean), implemented in partnership with l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF). Equation musique is back at MaMAfor the 3rd time this year, and will invite 13 professionals (producers, distributors, promoters) from Africa to meet with their French and international counterparts.

After Just A Band (Kenya), Faada Freddy (Senegal) and Jeremy Loops (South Africa) in 2013, Equation Musique will support in 2014 in MaMA’s music programme 2 South-produced artists, Nakhane Touré (South Africa) and Moona (Senegal).

NAKHANE TOURÉ (South Africa) Wednesday 15 October – 7:30pm at LE DIVAN DU MONDE

MOONA (Senegal)
Thursday 16 October – 8pm at CENTRE FLEURY GOUTTE D’OR

Equation musique also presents a speedmeeting session « MEET AFRICA » on Wednesday 15 October from 11:30am to 1:30pm at Trois Baudets (site weblink below).


Speed meeting sessions (upon registration only) :

> Meet Africa:

Wednesday15 October – 11:30am -1:30pm – Trois Baudets

> French look East:

Wednesday15 October – 3pm-6pm – Trudain’s Café

> French meet America:
+ French meet international Labels & Publishers (Session exclusivement réservée aux labels, éditeurs et managers)

Thursday 16 October – 3pm-6pm – Trudain’s Café

> French meet Europe:

Friday 17 October – 11:30am-2:30pm – Trudain’s Café

> Meet China:

Friday 17 October – 3:30pm -5:30pm – Trois Baudets


Contacts IF:

Music Focus


Equation Musique


Focus China



About MaMA

MaMa welcomes French and international professionals from music industry during 3 days for concerts, professional meetings in Pigalle and Montmartre areas in Paris.

MaMA gathers more than 3800 professionals : French and international professionals, independant and majors, live music producers and distributors, venues and festivals managers, non-trading partnership and professional organizations, managers and record producers, startups and digital content creators, local authorities and unions, broadcasters and medias, private sector and publicly subsidized institutions...

During the day, MaMA offers 40 conferences and debates, many networking activities : match-making, workshops, professional drinks, professional after parties...

From 6 p.m., the audience and professionals gather for more than a 100 concerts in 20 venues  and flagship locations of the area (La Cigale, La Boule Noire, Le Divan du Monde, Les Trois Baudets, Le Bus Palladium, Le Centre Musical FGO-Barbara, Le Backstage by the mill at O'Sullivans…).


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