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Les Ateliers de Rennes / FIAC - International Contemporary Art Fair
17 - 21 october 2016

Establishing links between the foreign professionals and creative talents living in France, identifying new opportunities for the development of their careers, targeting influencer networks: these remains the key missions of the Institut français. Since 2010, the Focus program –with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication and of the French cultural network abroad – has lead to the invitation of over 100 curators, critics, and directors of institutions, of which more than 50 exhibitions in the world were subsequently generated and organized with French artists.  



· The FIAC – International Contemporary Art Fair, that will take place in Paris from 22 to 25 october. This fair welcomes each year more than 150 of the world’s most dynamic and prestigious art galleries.
Moreover, thanks to the great quality of the Hors-les-Murs program, the FIAC will invest new sites and institutions such as « Le Jardin des Tuileries » or « La Maison de la Radio », and will bring together a large number of committed partners around events dedicated to the contemporary creation (exhibition, debates, performance cycles ...)

·  The 5th Rennes Biennial of Contemporary art will run from september to november 2017. After a successful edition in 2014, which received both public and media acclaim, the biennial Les Ateliers de Rennes prepares its 5th edition for the fall of 2016. François Piron, independent exhibition curator, art critic, and publisher has been invited to lead the artistic project.

What are emotions we are about to have in a future already present? The era of emotions is over. One prefers a mood or mood predictor [...] which in turn become logos for products, which in turn become product-emotions, which in turn become consumers (by-products),” once stated American poet Tan Lin. In other words: What are the consequences of our incorporation into the abstract systems of our economic world?

Incorporated! focuses on the affects provoked by our prolonged submission to the ideologies and the technologies governed by economics. The dissolution of borders between the public and the private, the singular and the common; feelings of helplessness and dispossession: these are all examples of the concerns reflected in the artworks by this cross-generational group of renowned and emerging artists.

Incorporated! aims at reconsidering the emancipatory forces that lie in the negation, the opacity, the resistance exerted by the artworks gathered in the biennale. The exhibition will present numerous new productions and important ensembles specially commissioned for the biennale.

Further informations :
Alexandra Servel, Project manager and coordinator of the Focus programme,  Department of artistic exchanges and cooperation

    Le Centre National des Arts Plastiques (National Centre for Visual Arts) 


    - presentation of the collection

    - visit of the collection storage

    Created in 1982, the Centre national des arts plastiques is deeply committed to the field of contemporary artistic creation. It fosters and supports artistic creation in France in all areas of the visual arts: painting, performance art, sculpture, photography, installation art, video, multimedia, graphic arts, design and graphic design. It follows young artists closely, provides its expertise and support to the emergence of new forms and

    assists artists and contemporary art professionals



    The Centre national des arts plastiques is directly involved in the arts economy as a public collector. On behalf Othe French State, it expands and manages a body of artworks, known as the Fonds national d’art contemporain, the French national contemporary art collection. This collection of unique scale currently holds Over 93,000 works and aims to be the most accurately reflect the current art scene. The works are directly purchased from the various players on the art market. Artists and galleries, French or foreign, are thus
    supported financially and institutionally.. The CNAP also manages and conserves these artworks acquired over the last two centuries, providing its highly technical skills and numerous areas of expertise.



    Lafayette Anticipation – Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette

    Group Show – Faisons de l’inconnu un allié (Joining forces with the unknown)

    With Camille Blatrix, Tyler Coburn, Mimosa Echard, Simon Fujiwara, Yngve Holen, Oliver Laric, Lucy McKenzie, Perks And Mini (P.A.M.), Mary Ping, Studio Brynjar & Veronika, Valerie Snobeck, Cally Spooner, Rayyane Tabet, Anicka Yi.

    Faisons de l’inconnu un allié will occupy a temporary space located in the Marais. The works produced—sculptures, installations, films, intermittent or ongoing performances—have been commissioned by Lafayette Anticipation, and each of them demonstrates this unique commitment in its own way. This group presentation concludes the pre-opening programme begun by the Fondation in autumn 2013, while also heralding the autumn 2017 opening of its building at 9 rue du Plâtre, renovated by architect Rem Koolhaas’s agency, OMA. In line with the institution’s interdisciplinary and social missions, Faisons de l’inconnu un allié brings together international creators from the fields of contemporary art, design and fashion whose work demonstrates a commitment to change, whether social or cultural, tangible or symbolic.

    Fourteen artists and designers are taking part in this presentation: some of them have previously collaborated with Lafayette Anticipation, while others have conceived their projects specifically for this presentation.


    Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz

    Patrick Bernier and Olive Martin « I belong to the ship »

    In the frame of the Satellite programme of le Jeu de Paume - Curator : Heidi Ballet

    In their joint practice, Patrick Bernier and Olive Martin explore the porousness of identity within the context of

    migration. Their projects take the form of research into multi-layered localities and territorial wastelands where they link the traditional concepts of physical space with laws of an oftentimes temporary nature. These temporary or ephemeral laws are related, on the one hand, to issues of migration and the right to belong, and on the other hand, to the Internet.


    The complexity of spatial divisions is immediately evident in projects such as La Nouvelle Kahnawaké, where the artists visit a small village in an Indian reserve that manages an online casino, or in their current project, X et Y c. France where they juxtapose the legal status of an online document versus that of an illegal immigrant.  h


    Credit : Je suis du bord / I Belong to the Ship, 2016

    Video installation. Coproduction le Jeu de Paume, Paris, la Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques, le CAPC musée d’art Contemporain de Bordeaux. © Patrick Bernier et Olive Martin, 2016



    MAC / VAL, Musée d’art contemporain du Val-de-Marne

    ·     Morgane Tschiember « Six Soleil » (Six Suns)

    Morgane Tschiember works primarily with sculpture, exploring, with materials as different as glass, ceramics and concrete, the frontiers between painting and sculpture, object and architecture, form and context.

    She has participated in international residency programs, including Nuove//Residency, Nove (Italy) and ISCP, NY (USA). Selected solo shows include: Almost a Kiss, Tracy Williams Ltd, New York, USA (2015); Fêlure, Manifacture Terramica, Nove, Italy (2013); Seuils, Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard, Paris, Francia (2012); Selected group shows include: The Other Sight, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania (2014); In the Studio, Kunsthalle Athens, Greece (2014); I’m so sad my god, ISCP, NY, USA (2009).


    ·     Jean-Luc Verna «Vous n'êtes pas un peu beaucoup maquillé ? - Non.» (Aren't you wearing a bit too much make-up? – No »

    Jean-Luc Verna juggles borders among cultures, eras and genres. In his drawings and photography, this provocative artist replicates references, addressing major artistic historical figures as well as those of the contemporary rock scene. Verna uses multiple media, draws and sculpts his own body, putting himself at the forefront in his everyday life as in his works. His drawings, transfers, photocopies are enhanced by make-up and blush, conveying the imagery of queer culture. His works are complex processes of references, picturesque juxtapositions and reinterpretations of major works and scenes of everyday life. 

    Jean-Luc Verna's career began at the end of the 1980's; he now presents his works in France (Nice, Avignon, Galerie Air de Paris in Paris) and abroad (Mamco - Musée d'art moderne et contemporain in Geneva, Grey Art Gallery in New-York, Rodolphe Janssen Gallery in Brussels).


    Credit : Paramount, 2010

    Production and collection of the MAC / VAL

    ©Marc Domage



    Le Plateau - Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain, (Frac)

    Mark Geffriaud Deux mille quinze » (Two thousand fifteen)

     © Mark Geffriaud

    The film installation at the heart of the exhibition conceived by Mark Geffriaud for le plateau explores our relationship to time. The film consists of footage of two different locations, namely, the construction site of the largest telescope in the world in the Atacama Desert, Chile, and the shores of Lake Titicaca, between Peru and Bolivia, where large building stones were abandoned more than a thousand years ago.

    From the top of Mount Armazones, where the future telescope will stand, astrophysicists hope to travel back in time and witness the birth of the first galaxies. The piedras cansadas (tired stones), abandoned for unknown reasons during their transport to the city of Tiwanaku, have given rise to much speculation by archaeologists. The various theories on the building for which they were intended rely on the past to construct various projections of a future that will forever remain fictitious.

    The work of Mark Geffriaud (born 1977) is based on the production of installations, sculptures and films that focus on the construction of time and memory. Since 2007 his work has been shown in numerous museums and galleries in France (Centre Pompidou, Palais de Tokyo, Musée national du Jeu de Paume, Musée d’art moderne de Paris, etc.) and abroad (Tate Modern, London; De Appel, Amsterdam; National Gallery, Prague; Mamco, Geneva; etc.). His work can also be found in various national collections (Centre Pompidou, Musée d’art moderne de Paris, frac île-de-france).



    Jeu de Paume                                                                                                                                   

    Uprisings – Group show                                                                                                         

    Curator: Georges Didi-Huberman

    Uprisings is a trans-disciplinary exhibition on the theme of human gestures that raise up the world or rise up against it: collective or individual gestures, actions or passions, works or thoughts. They are gestures which say no to a state of history that is considered too “heavy” and that therefore needs to be “lifted” or even sent packing. They are also gestures that say yes to something else: to a desired better world, an imagined or adumbrated world, a world that could be inhabited and conceived differently.

    These figures of uprising and up-raising will range freely across mediums: paintings, drawings, prints, video installations, photographs, fiction films, documentary images, writers’ manuscripts, tracts, posters, etc., without hierarchies. The exhibition sequence will follow a sensitive, intuitive path along which the gaze can focus on exemplary “cases” treated with a precision that prevents any kind of generalisation. We will be mindful not to conclude, not to dogmatically foreclose anything. The sequence will comprise five main parts: elements, gestures, words, conflicts, desires.


    Artist studio’s visit : Xavier Veilhan

    Artist Xavier Veilhan has been selected to represent France at the 57th Venice Bien nale with his project Musical Merzbau. The exhibition will be curated by artist Christian Marclay and Lionel Bovier, director of MAMCO.

    Xavier Veilhan imagines an overall environment that encompasses the entire surface of the pavilion and so altering our perception of it, much in the continuity of his former immersive works The Studio (1993),The Forest and The Cave (both 1998); an installation in a formal vocabulary borrowed from the universe of the recording studio and inspired by Kurt Schwitters’ seminal work, the Merzbau. Like clearings, a few more functional spaces appear for performing, mixing or recording. Various musicians from all backgrounds are called upon to activate the structure and turn it into the ideal arena for their creations during the six months of the biennial. In this way Musical Merzbau bears witness to Xavier Veilhan’s ongoing development of exhibition platforms like The Hyperrealist Project (2003), The Glass Wall (2003) or Le Baron de Triqueti (2006), with which he continually questions the concept of the exhibition itself, in his search to somehow extend it. The pavilion becomes a place of fusion between contemporary art and music, in the framework of the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College experiments.!/fr/news?y=0&x=0


    FIAC – International Contemporary Art Fair
    Gallery tour, at le Grand Palais and at le Petit Palais

    In 2016, FIAC announced the opening of the new On Site sector, which will present sculptures and installations in the prestigious context of the Petit Palais, opposite the Grand Palais, in association with Christophe Leribault, curator and director of the Petit Palais, as well as the associate curator Lorenzo Benedetti. On Site assembles around forty artworks that invest the spaces of the Galerie Sud, the Pavillon Sud, the Galerie Nord, the Garden of the Petit Palais, the Galerie des grands formats and the esplanade in front of the building.


    Tuileries Garden - Hors les Murs programme

    Sculpture and monumental installations by Berdaguer and Péjus, Joe Bradley, Alexander Calder, Mircea Cantor, Gloria Friedmann, Jacques Julien, Thomas Kilpper, Michael Sailstorfer, Barthélémy Toguo or Keiji Uemats, but also exceptional presentations of architectural works by Ron Arad, Mauricio Pezo and So a von Ellrichshausen, or Yona Friedman among others.


    Prix Meurice pour l’art contemporain - Meeting with the nominies for the Prize

    The Meurice Prize for contemporary art is an international award that concerns all disciplines in the visual and plastic arts (painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video, etc.) and distinguishes a project of international stature, proposed by an artist and their French gallery, a few weeks before the FIAC contemporary art fair in Paris. True to its commitment to promote young artistic creation, Le  Meurice again invites the six finalists in the Meurice Prize for contemporary art to present one or several key.



    Centre Pompidou

    ·             Jean-Luc Moulène, Solo Show

    For the first time, the Centre Pompidou is devoting a monographic exhibition to Jean-Luc Moulène. Invited to compose a retrospective of his work, the artist has chosen to present a «retrospective of protocols» in the form of a production programme comprised of around thirty new pieces – a manifesto based on his research.

    Through these previously unseen works, the exhibition circuit invites viewers to grasp the richness and complexity, both abstract and physical, of the artist’s world. Jean-Luc Moulène seeks to «objectivise» the world through a variety of practices, forms, and subjects. His thinking is rooted in mathematics, particularly set theory, which can function as a metaphor for social space. By using 3D design techniques, he thus explores operations such as intersection, laterality, and cutting, in the tension between body and object. His works question the shared space, the form of this space, and its intersection with individual space. While Moulène is largely known for his photography, his more recent, object-based work plays a central role today. The artist experiments meticulously with materials and employs industrial design technology to create works that must be pertinent above all.

    The works’ capacity to question depends on the state of tension, rather than resolution, that they offer. Here the objects «converse» less with the viewer than with other objects. The vast setting of the exhibition space can be likened to an urban environment with cars and buildings, and bodies walking around at its centre. These bodies have to find their place in the chaos of individual desires, political constraints, and social conventions.


    ·             2016 PRIX MARCEL DUCHAMP : Kader Attia, Yto Barrada, Ulla von Brandenburg and Barthélémy Toguo

    With this initiative, the ADIAF (association for the international dissemination of French art). and the Centre Pompidou are giving the Prix Marcel Duchamp a new impulse, with the works of the nominee Artists being presented in a single group exhibition at the Centre Pompidou. This first joint exhibition will highlight their shared prerogatives, such as an eye on current affairs, an anthropological approach and the attraction of ritual. Each year, a curator from the team of the Musée National d’Art Moderne will be associated with the concept of this collective project.



    Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard

    « Paris » - Group show - Curated by the artist Isabelle Cornaro


    With Anne Imhof, Clarisse Hahn, Clément Cogitore, Julien Crépieux, Louise Sartor, Marie Voignier, Mélanie Matranga et Will Benedict

    The exhibition, featuring works by eight artists displayed in the Foundation's own premises and the adjoining cinema, highlights not only the diversity of artistic practices on the modern art scene but above all the prevalence of contemporary iconography drawing on images bearing some relation to current affairs or simply marked by the information circuit. The artists also share a fascination with the original context of the forms they work with and how they are transformed in and through the work of art. They can be said to share an interest in montage, both in the actual process of editing – for instance, using framing devices to pin down bodily movements or retain only material essential to the narrative – and as alterations to temporal continuity, questioning how narrative segments are arranged in succession. The works on display, whether films, static visual art, performances, or installations, are thus on the cusp between capturing movement and pinning it down, between representation and incarnation. In this sense, they meet a desire to create visual situations.



    Artist studio’s visit : Raphaël Zarka


    Raphaël Zarka is one of a new generation of artists for whom existing cultural forms constitute the raw material for their work. The point of departure for his art, which encompasses photography, video and the written essay, is fundamentally sculptural in the expanded field of a twenty-first century artist. For many years a skateboarder and the author of several books on its history, Zarka's idea of skateboarding, as a kind of re-writing of spaces destined for a particular use, rhymes with his approach to his artistic practice. Similar to the abandoned structures built for past moments of aspiration and endeavor, and the recurrence of forms put to new uses, Zarka's reflections on skateboarding signal ecology of art making of critical and contemporary relevance. For him it's not a question of an absolute reality but rather, what it is, has been or might be depending on the position from which you view it.


    Visit of the 5th Biennale of Rennes

    Curated by François Piron


    Incorporated! is the suffix, shortened to Inc. which, in the language of economics, describes the transformation of a proper name into a company. In other words, the inclusion of an individual identity within a system to which it is incorporated. Be it a call, a watchword or a password, intentionally ambivalent, Incorporated! is the term which sums up our prolonged inclusion within ideologies and technologies governed by the economy. Incorporated!, which is the fifth Biennale of Les Ateliers de Rennes, pays heed to the affects caused by this incorporation. The exhibition attempts to capture what nowadays passes through bodies, affects and relations, and what, in particular, breaks down the boundaries between private and public, the unusual and the ordinary.

    Twenty-nine international artists, some already recognized, others emerging, belonging to different generations, are being invited to construct an exhibition which is keen to put the perceptible experience of artworks in the forefront. Incorporated! is not the demonstration of an aesthetic line, but rather an arrangement of the most contrasted ways of reacting to the world: indignation, silence, irony, anxiety… The resources of the imagination and poetry are being called upon, and the show invites visitors to reconsider the forces of emancipation which lurk in the resistance, opaqueness and share of negativity all asserted in the works produced and brought together in the exhibition. Incorporated! is made up of ten solo and group shows. With intensities, colours and overtones that are specific to each venue, these different exhibitions are so arranged as to form a single project.

  • Johanna Burton New Museum États-Unis Site web
  • Marcelo Campos Casa França-Brasil, Rio di Janeiro Brésil Site web
  • Mona Filip Koffler Center of the Arts Canada Site web
  • Gabriela Urtiaga Kirchner Cultural Center, Buenos Aires Argentine Site web
  • Mats Stjernstedt Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo Norvège Site web
  • Marianne Hultman Oslo kunstforening Norvège Site web
  • Santiago Olmo The Galician centre of Contemporary Art (CGAC) Espagne Site web
  • Dan Calin Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest Roumanie Site web
  • Ruti Direktor Tel Aviv Museum of Art Israël Site web
  • Martin Germann SMAK Belgique Site web
  • Pauline Yao M+ Hong Kong R.A.S., Chine
  • Pedro Gadanho The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology Portugal Site web
  • Juan A. Gaitan Museo Tamayo, Mexico Mexique Site web
  • Yuu Takehisa Art Tower Mito Japon Site web
  • Mami Kataoka Mori Japon Site web


20-25 octobre 2009


Dans le cadre de ce programme et à l’occasion de la FIAC, les professionnels étrangers ont effectué des visites de lieux dédiés à l’art contemporain: musées, institutions,   fondations, rencontres avec des commissaires et artistes. Une visite de la Biennale de Lyon ainsi que de l’exposition de Xavier Veilhan au château de Versailles ont été les moments phares de ces journées professionnelles, étoffées d’un parcours de visites de centres d'art franciliens du réseau TRAM et de lieux d’exposition clés sur Paris.

10 lieux visités dédiés à l’art contemporain
12 professionnels/artistes français rencontrés
7 professionnels étrangers invités :
Luis Croquer, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, États-Unis
Marc Pally, Curator Nuit Blanche Los Angeles, États-Unis
Guilherme da Silva Bueno, Musée d’art contemporain de Niteroi, Brésil
Hong Zhu, Bureau de la Culture de la Province du Jilin, Chine
Li Zhenhua, Festival eArts à Shangai, Chine
Qing Tu, Magazine YOU, Chine
Lizzie Carey-Thomas, Tate Britain, Royaume-Uni



15-19 février 2010

Programme de visites de lieux dédiés à l’art contemporain: musées, institutions, fondations, rencontres avec des commissaires et artistes. Une visite de l’exposition Monumenta “Personnes” de Christian Boltanski au Grand Palais a été un des moments phares de ces journées professionnelles, étoffées d’un parcours de visites de centres d'art franciliens du réseau TRAM, de galeries du Marais et de lieux d’exposition clés sur Paris.

12 lieux visités dédiés à l’art contemporain
20 professionnels/artistes français rencontrés
4 professionnels étrangers invités :
Anke Hoffmann, Curatrice Shedhalle Zürich, Suisse
Mme FANG Mei-Ching, Directrice du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Taipei, Taïwan
Valerie Oleynik, Biennale d’art contemporain de Moscou, Russie
Mme Smadar Sheffi, critique d'art contemporain du quotidien israélien Haaretz, Israël


8-12 juin 2010

Programme de visites de lieux dédiés à l’art contemporain: musées, institutions, fondations, rencontres avec des commissaires et artistes. Une visite de l’exposition “Dynasty” dédiée à une scène émergente de la création contemporaine au Palais de Tokyo ainsi que du Centre Pompidou Metz ont été les moments phares de ces journées professionnelles, étoffées d’un parcours de visites de centres d'art franciliens du réseau TRAM et de lieux d’exposition clés sur Paris.

10 curators étrangers invités  
 8 lieux visités dédiés à l’art contemporain
15 professionnels/artistes français rencontrés
11 professionnels étrangers invités :
Marie FRASER : conservatrice en chef au Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Québec
Helen LEGG : commissaire à IKON Gallery, Birmingham, Royaume-Uni
                                                                               Richard BIRKETT: Commissaire à l'Institute of Contemporary Arts, Londres, Royaume-Uni
                                                                               Marie KROVTSOVA : commissaire indépendante, critique d’art, Russie
                                                                               Valentin DIAKONOV : critique d’art du grand quotidien « KOMMERSANT », Russie
                                                                               Peter Eleey, Curator, MoMA PS1, New York Etats-Unis
                                                                              Jinsang Yoo, curator pour la Galerie Kukje / professeur à la Kaywon School of Arts & Design, Corée
                                                                               Isabel Duran, commissaire d'expositions, Espagne
                                                                               Ferran Barenblit, directeur du Centre d'art CA2M (Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo), Mostoles Espagne
                                                                               M. Chen Hanxing (Hans), Fondateur du musée d’art contemporain True Color de Suzhou Chine
                                                                               M. LIN Hong-John, commissaire d'exposition indépendant, Taïwan


1-6 novembre 2010
Programme de visites de lieux dédiés à l’art contemporain: musées, institutions, fondations, rencontres avec des commissaires et artistes. Une visite de l’exposition “De leur Temps :
10 ans du prix Marcel Duchamp” au musée d’art moderne et contemporain de Strasbourg ainsi que du Centre Pompidou 
Metz ont été les moments phares de ces journées professionnelles, étoffées d’un parcours de visites de centres d'art franciliens du réseau TRAM et de lieux d’exposition clés sur Paris.
10 curators étrangers invités 
8 lieux visités dédiés à l’art contemporain
20 professionnels/artistes français rencontrés :


8 professionnels étrangers invités :

M. Alexander Eiling, curateur de la Staatliche Kunsthalle de Karlsruhe, Allemagne
M. Marcos Mantoan, directeur du CCBB de Rio de Janeiro (Centre Culturel de la Banque du Brésil) Brésil
Mme Kathleen Ritter, Associate Curator, Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada
M. Gao Shiming, Executive Dean, School of Intermedia Art, China Academy of Art (Hangzhou). Commissaire d’exposition de la Biennale de Shanghai, Chine
Mme Sung -Won Kim, curator at Atelier Hermès, Seoul, Corée
Mme Valerie C. Doran, Independent curator, art critic, editor and translator, Hong Kong
Mme Kristan Kennedy, Visual Art Program Director, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Etats-Unis
Mme Tan Siuli, commissaire d'exposition du Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Singapour



25-29 mai 2011

Programme de visites de lieux dédiés à l’art contemporain: musées, institutions, fondations, rencontres avec des commissaires et artistes. Une visite du Salon de la jeune création de Montrouge ainsi que du Centre Pompidou Metz ont été les moments phares de ces journées professionnelles, étoffées d’un parcours de visites de centres d'art franciliens du réseau TRAM et de lieux d’exposition clés sur Paris.

12 lieux visités dédiés à l’art contemporain 
30 professionnels/artistes français rencontrés 


10 curators étrangers invités :
Marta Mestre is a co-curator at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM)
Mr. Jesse McKee, visual arts curator, Western Front, Vancouver
Ms. Hyejin LIM, curator, Fondation Samuso, Seoul
Mr. Nav Haq, curator, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol
Ms. Alka Pande, art critic and artistic director of the contemporary art gallery of the India Habitat Culture Centre, New Delhi
Mr. Saïd Abu Shakra, Director of the Contemporary Art Gallery in Umm el Fahem
Ms. Olessia Tourkina, independant curator, researcher for the contemporary art department at the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Kristen Hileman, Contemporary Curator of the Baltimore Museum
Ali Subotnick, curator at Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
Annetta Kapon, Professor and Assistant Chair in Graduate Fine Arts at Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles




17 au 22 octobre 2011

Dans le cadre de ce programme et à l’occasion de la FIAC, les professionnels étrangers ont effectué des visites de lieux dédiés à l’art contemporain: musées, institutions, fondations, rencontres avec des commissaires et artistes. Une visite de la Biennale de Lyon ainsi que de l’exposition Collector du CNAP au Tri postal à Lille ont été les moments phares de ces journées professionnelles, étoffées d’un parcours de visites de centres d'art franciliens du réseau TRAM et de lieux d’exposition clés sur Paris.

12 lieux visités dédiés à l’art contemporain
30 professionnels/artistes français rencontrés
9 professionnels étrangers invités :
Michelle Cotton, Curator at First Site, Contemporary Art Museum, Colchester, Royaume-Uni
Andrew Berardini, Curator at LA><ART, Los Angeles, Etats-Unis
Nigel Prince, Director and Curator, Contemporary Art Gallery – Vancouver, Canada
Melanie O'Brian, Chief Curator, Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Marcelo MARTINS MENDONÇA, Director of CCBB, Rio de Janeiro, Brésil
M. SHIH Jui-Jen, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (MOCA), Taïwan
Jiho Lee, Chief curator, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Corée
Drorit Gur Arie, Director and chief curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Petach Tikva, Israël
Susanne Weiss, Director of the Heidelberger Kunstverein, Allemagne



28th May – 2nd June 2012
14 contemporary art locations visited
35 French professionals/artists met
9 curators invited:
Khalil Abdul Wahid, Visual Arts Manager of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Dubai
Amrita Jhaveri, Director of Project Space, Mumbai
Mami Odai, Director of Move Arts Japan, Arts manager of Sapporo Trienale and Researcher of International A.I.R. programmes, Japan
Koh, Won-seok, Curator, Arko Art Center, Seoul
Amal El Founti, Project Manager at Art Holding Morocco / Marrakech Art Fair
Graciela de la Torre, Director of MUAC Contemporary Art Universitary Museum, Mexico
Alissa Proudnikova, Director of the Ekaterinburg branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts, Ekaterimburg
Khairuddin Hori, Senior Curator at Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
Sophie Allgårdh, Deputy President of AICA, chief editor of Paletten, Stockholm
Monday, May 28 : Guests arrival
Tuesday, May 29
- CNAP (National Art Center for Visual Arts) collections
- MAINS D’ŒUVRES Art Center, Saint-Ouen
- Artists’ studios tour with curator Isabelle Le Normand
Wednesday, May 30
- BETONSALON Art Center (part of Triennale)
- Information Fiction Publicité at MACVAL Museum of Contemporary Art, Vitry-sur-Seine
- Boris Achour at CREDAC Art Center (part of Triennale), Ivry-sur-Seine
- MONTROUGE SALON for emerging French artists
Thursday, May 31
- Monumenta 2012 :
Daniel Buren at GRAND PALAIS
- La Triennale ‘Intense Proximity’ at PALAIS DE TOKYO
Artistic Director : Okwui Enwezor / Associate Curators : Mélanie Bouteloup, Abdellah Karroum, Émilie Renard, Claire Staebler
- Laurent Grasso at JEU DE PAUME
Friday, June 1st
One day tour in Metz by TGV
- FRAC (Regional Contemporary Art Center) Lorraine, Metz
Saturday, June 2nd : Guests departure
For further details, contact Adeline Blanchard, Project Leader for Visual Arts at INSTITUT FRANÇAIS :





October 15 - 20, 2012

Within the framework of the FOCUS for visual arts and on the occasion of the FIAC  international contemporary art fair within the Grand Palais, approximately 10 international  curators are chosen among the promising personalities from the key influencer and emergent countries. They are invited to discover the French artistic scene through visits of the diverse spaces dedicated to contemporary art (museums, art centers, foundations, galleries) and meetings with artists and curators.

For the first time, the FOCUS guests of the Institut Français will have exchanges with the YCI guests (Young Curators Invitational) of the FIAC and the Ricard Foundation.

The key moments of these professional invitations:

Encounters with the artists nominated by the Marcel Duchamp Prize, visits of exhibitions by Adel Abdessemed, Bertrand Lavier and Mircea Cantor at the Georges Pompidou Center, the Palais de Tokyo as well as the Rennes Workshops - Contemporary Art Biennial.

12 contemporary art locations visited
25 French professionals/artists met
8 international curators invited within the FOCUS and 7 curators within YCI (Young Curator Invitationals) :
· Catherine Hug, Curator Kunsthalle Wien, Autriche
· Pip Day, Director of SBC gallery, Montreal, Canada    
· Andrea Rodriguez Novoa, indépendant curator, Co-founder of BAR Fabra i Coats, international residency program, Barcelona, Espagne           
· Noam Segal, Director, Rotschild 12 art space, Tel Aviv, Israël           
· Magnolia de la Garza, Curator, Museo Tamayo arte contemporáneo, Mexico, Mexique              
· Lorenzo Benedetti, Director, S B K M (the Middelburg foundation for visual arts), De Vleeshal and De Kabinetten van de Vleeshal, Middelburg, Curator of the 2013 Dutch Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale,   Danemark
· Jamie Stevens, curator in residency, Cubitt, London, Royaume-Uni           
· Iris Shu‐ping HUANG, Curator, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Curator of the 2011 Asian Art Biennial, Taipei, Taïwan
Monday, October 15
Guests arrival
Tuesday, October 16
TRAM tour :  Contemporary Art Centers in and out of Paris:
- FRAC - Plateau : The Great Restaurant, Michel Blazy
- MAUBUISSON’S ABBEY: Vincent Lamouroux / Olivier Costa-Théfaine
- GALERIE EDOUARD MANET, Gennevilliers : August Sander’s Utopia, Mohamed Bourouissa
- PALAIS DE TOKYO : Letting the Imagination Drift, Group exhibition. 
Fabrice Hyber / Neil Beloufa / Damir Ocko / Markus Schinwald / After History : Alexandre Kojeve as a Photographer, curator : Boris Groys  / Helen Marten (Winner Lafayette Prize)
Wednesday, October 17
- ENCOUNTERS YCI (Young Curators Invitational) - FOCUS. Cross-perspective into the French art scene and its curatorial practices. Roundtable in the GRAND PALAIS' auditorium.
Moderator: Martha Kirszenbaum, independent curator. Invited participants: Alexandra Baudelot, Artistic Director, Rosascape; Thomas Boutoux, curator, castillo/corrales; Muriel Enjalran, independent curator, DCA General Secretary; Julien Fronsacq, Curator, Palais de Tokyo; Sinziana Ravini, Art critic, Independent Curator, co-director of L'avenir dure longtemps.
- FIAC, International Art Fair of Contemporary Art : VIP preview
- Meet with Marcel Duchamp Prize nominees 2012: Valérie Favre, Dewar & Gicquel, Bertrand Lamarche, Franck Scurti.
Thursday, October 18
- RICARD FOUNDATION : 13th Prize. Curator : Elena Filipovic.
- CENTRE POMPIDOU: Bertrand Lavier / Adel Abdessemed / Mircea Cantor
Friday, October 19
Curator : Anne Bonnin
Saturday, October 20
Guests departure 



Adeline Blanchard, Project Leader for Visual Arts

Within the framework of the FOCUS for visual arts and on the occasion of the FIAC, 11 international curators have been chosen among the promising personalities from the key influencer and emergent countries. They were invited to discover the French artistic scene through visits of the diverse spaces dedicated to contemporary art (museums, art centers, foundations, galleries) and meetings with artists and curators.
The key moments of this professional invitation:
12th Lyon Biennale, Pleiades / 30th birthday of the FRAC in Toulouse, Pierre Huygue at Pompidou Centre, Philippe Parreno at Palais de Tokyo.
15 contemporary art locations visited
31 French professionals/artists met
11 curators invited:
Mme Judith Carlton, Curator, Matt’s Gallery, Londres, Royaume-Uni
Mr Doryun Chong, Curator, futur musée d’art contemporain M+, Hong Kong
Mme Ruth Estevez, Directrice de Redcat, Los Angeles, Etats-Unis
Mme Graciela Kasep, Curator, Musée d'Art Moderne de Mexico, Mexique
Mr Mark Lanctôt, Conservateur au MAC Montréal, Canada
Mme Sayoko Osawa, Curator, Yokoham Museum of Art, Japon
Mme Kristina Scepanski, Directrice du Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster, Allemagne
Mme Girish Shahane, Commissaire d'exposition et critique d'art indépendant, Directeur du prix ŠKODA pour l’art contemporain indien, Inde
Mr Jordan Strom, Curator, Surrey Art gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Mr Andrea Villiani, Directeur du MADRE, Naples, Italie
Mme Diana Wechsler, Directrice responsable de la recherche et des commissariats du Musée de l’Université Nationale Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), Curator et Directrice du magazine Curatorial Studies, Argentine
Monday, October 21
Guests arrival in Paris.
Tuesday, October 22 / One day trip in Toulouse
- Vincent Ganivet, BBB, Toulouse. Meeting with Cécile Poblon, Director.
- « Les Pléiades/30 ans des FRAC », Les Abattoirs, Toulouse. Meeting with Olivier Michelon, Director.
Evening in Paris :
- Group show with Julien Carreyn, Emilie Pitoiset, Nicolas Floch, Matali Crasset, la Ménagerie de Verre, Paris. Meeting with Florence Derieux, Curator&Director of FRAC Champagne-Ardenne.
Wednesday, October 23
- Welcoming at Grand Palais, FIAC: Crossed meeting with French professionals / curators and Young Curator Invitational-YCI, and Israelian curators.
- FIAC Preview
- Prix Marcel Duchamp, FIAC. Meeting with shorlisted artists.
- « La vie immatérielle – 15e Prix Ricard », Fondation Ricard. Meeting with shorlisted artists, curator Yann Chateigné and director Colette Barbier.
- Natacha Nisic, Jeu de Paume. Meeting with the artist and curator&director Marta Gili.
- Meeting with Loris Greaud at Louvre’s Pyramid, and with curator Marie-Laure Bernadac.
Thursday, October 24
- Breakfast at Hotel Meurice and visit of Prix Meurice exhibition. Meeting with shorlisted artists and curator Claire Moulène.
- Pierre Huygue, Centre Pompidou. Meeting with curator Emma Lavigne.
- Dewar et Gicquel-Prix Duchamp 2012, Centre Pompidou. Meeting with artists and curator Jean-Pierre Bordaz.
- Philippe Parreno,  Palais de Tokyo. Meeting with curator Mouna Mekouar.
- « Dépaysements », The Graduated with honors show of Beaux-Arts de Paris students, le 104. Meeting with director José-Manuel Gonçalves and Kathy Alliou.
Friday, October 25 / One day trip in Lyon
- 12th Biennale de Lyon : « Meanwhile…suddenly, and then » , curator: Gunnar B. Kvaran. Meeting with Thierry Raspail, Director.
Saturday, October 26
Guests departure.
COORDINATION : Anne-Claire Duprat
20 – 25 MAY 2013
Within the framework of the FOCUS for visual arts and on the occasion of the 58th Salon of Montrouge, approximately 10 international  curators have been chosen among the promising personalities from the key influencer and emergent countries. They have been invited to discover the French artistic scene through visits of the diverse spaces dedicated to contemporary art (museums, art centers, foundations, galleries) and meetings with artists and curators.
14 contemporary art locations visited
40 French professionals/artists met
9 curators invited:
· Mark Feary, curator, Artspace Visual Arts Centre, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
· Amy Kazymerchyk, curator - Simon Fraser University Audain Gallery, Vancouver, CANADA 
· Hanna Mamia, curator Kunsthalle Helsinki, FINLAND
· Claire Power, Director, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios , Dublin, IRELAND
· Roy Brand, Director, Yaffo 23, Jerusalem, ISRAEL
· Marcello Smarelli, Director, Foundation Ermanno Casoli, Ancone / Director, Pastificcio Cerere , Rom, ITALY
· Gonzalo Ortega, chief curator, MARCO (Contemporary Art Museum) Monterrey, MEXICO 
· Zuzana Pacakova, Curator, Nuit Blanche, Kosice, SLOVAKIA
· Bernard Vienat, independent curator and founder of art-werk, SWITZERLAND
· Jo Shu-Wen Hsiao, Director, Taipei Artist Village, TAIWAN
The key moments of these professional invitations:
Visits of exhibitions in Lyon, Daniel Firman at MAC (Contemporary Art Museum), the IAC (Institute for Contemporary Art) in Villeurbanne, artists’ studios in Paris, and the Salon of Montrouge dedicated to emerging artists.
Monday, May 20
Arrival in Paris
Tuesday, May 21
- Welcoming at Institut français : Meet with French professionals / curators
- Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec, retrospective at Musée des arts décoratifs
- Palais des Beaux-Arts, The Angel of History, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud
Wednesday, May 22
TRAM art centers around Paris :
- Ferme du Buisson, Julien Bismuth / Virginie Yassef
- MAC/VAL, Museum of Contemporary Art , Wilder Mann, Charles Fréger
- Julio Le Parc’studio
- 58th Salon of Montrouge for emerging artists
Thursday, May 23
- CNAP (National Art center for Visual Arts)
- Private collection (tbc)
- Grand Palais, Dynamo
- Ricard Foundation, Gérald Petit
- Isabelle Cornaro’ studio in Montmartre
Friday, May 24
One day trip in LYON :
- Le Plateau, Transformations, The Collection displayed by Vincent Lamouroux.
Exhibition within les Pléiades celebrating 30 years of the FRAC collections
- MAC, Musée d’art contemporain / Contemporary Art Museum
Daniel Firman / Philippe Droguet / Collection
- IAC (Institut d’Art Contemporain), Villeurbanne
1966-79, group exhibition curated by artist Laurent Montaron
Saturday, May 25
Coordination :
Adeline Blanchard, Project Manager for Visual Arts




19 – 24 MAI 2014


Within the framework of the FOCUS for visual arts, 10 international curators have been chosen among the promising personalities from the key influencer and emergent countries. They have been invited to discover the French artistic scene through visits of the diverse spaces dedicated to contemporary art (museums, art centres, foundations, galleries) and meetings with artists and curators.
The Montrouge Salon for emerging creation, the first Parisian gallery weekend CHOICES and the Metz Pompidou Centre.
19 contemporary art locations visited
56 French professionals/artists met
11 curators invited:
· Jonathan MIDDLETON, Director, OR Gallery, Vancouver, CANADA
· Lee Daehyung, Art critic, independent curator, Seoul, SOUTH COREA
· Pernille Damsted Fonnesbech, Curator, Kunstforeningen GLSTRAND, Copenhagen, DANEMARK
· Dean Daderko, Curator, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH), Texas, USA
· Sean Kissane, commissaire de l’Irish Museum of Modern Art, IRLAND
· Aya Lurie, Director, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, ISRAEL           
· Leonardo Bigazzi
, independent curator, festival ‘Lo schermo dell’arte’, Firenze, ITALY
· Chinatsu Makiguchi, Curator, National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, JAPAN
· Eimaer Martin, Curator, Hayward Gallery, UK
· Kathleen BÜHLER, Curator for Contemporary Art, Kunstmuseum Bern, SWITZERLAND
· Hsiang HUANG, Director of the Exhibitions' Department, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taïpei, TAÏWAN
Monday 19
Arrival of the participants
Tuesday 20
MEETING at the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS with French professionals
GALERIE EDOUARD MANET, Gennevilliers, Vincent Ganivet / Diogo Pimentao
Wednesday 21
Visit arts centers from TRAM’s network:
CREDAC Art Centre, Ivry-sur-Seine, Estefanìa Peñafiel Loaiza / Benoît-Marie Moriceau,
MAC/VAL, Museum of Contemporary Art Val-de-Marne, Vitry-sur-Seine, Esther Ferrer /
Works from the collection
CAC Brétigny, Collector, An exhibition on Graphism. Meet with artists in residency Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet (les gens d'Uterpan)
SALON DE MONTROUGE, Salon for emerging artists
Thursday 22
One day tour in Metz:
DELME SYNAGOGUE ART CENTER, solo show by Clément Rodzielski
CENTRE POMPIDOU-METZ, Paparazzi / The Decade 1984-1999, curated by Stéphanie Moisdon / Exhibition design: Dominique Gonzales-Foerster
FRAC (French Regional Contemporary Art Funds) Lorraine. Installation by Gianni Pettena
Friday 23
CHOICES COLLECTORS WEEKEND, PARIS (Marais / Belleville / Saint-Germain-des-Prés) :
RICARD FOUNDATION, Group show curated by Neil Beloufa and Mihnea Mircan
Thomas Hirschhorn's installation Eternel Flame / Hiroshi Sugimoto, Lost Human Genetic Archive - The World Died Today
Opening at ENSBA PARIS (NATIONAL ART SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS), Exhibition curated by Nicolas Bourriaud
Saturday 24
Departure of the participants
Adeline Blanchard, Project Leader for Visual Arts, Institut français



20 - 25 OCTOBER 2014

Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris
Within the framework of the FOCUS for visual arts, 11 international curators have been chosen among the promising personalities from the key influencer and emergent countries. They have been invited to discover the French artistic scene through visits of the diverse spaces dedicated to contemporary art (museums, art centres, foundations, galleries) and meetings with artists and curators.



• the FIAC (International Art Fair of Contemporary Art)
• the Rennes Biennale – Les Ateliers de Rennes
• the opening of the Louis Vuitton foundation

15 contemporary art locations visited

45 French professionals/artists met

11 curators invited :

• Kathleen Rahn, Director, Kunstverein Hanover, GERMANY
• Leonel Kaz, independent Curator, Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL
• Rachel Cook, Curator, DiverseWorks, Houston, UNITED STATES
• Megha Ralapati, Director of residencies and special projects, 
Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, UNITED STATES
• Naomi Beckwith, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, UNITED STATES
• Sumesh Sharma, Fondateur - Curator, Clark House Initiative, Mumbai, INDIA
• Yuko Shiomi, Directrice AIT, Tokyo, JAPAN
• Hikari Odaka, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, JAPAN
• Vibece Salthe, Curator, Stavanger Art Museum, NORWAY
• Emily Butler, Curator, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UNITED KINGDOM
• Sheng-Hung Wang, independent curator, art critic, Taipei, TAIWAN


Monday, October 20
Arrival of the participants
Tuesday, October 21
Visit arts centers from TRAM’s network:
FRAC Ile-de-France / Le Plateau, Aurélien Froment
MAC/VAL, Museum of Contemporary Art Val-de-Marne, Tania Mouraud - Ad Nauseum
Betonsalon, Camille Henrot - The Pale Fox
Opening : (OFF)ICIELLE, The official off Fair of the FIAC, Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design
Wednesday, October 22
Roundtable / encounters with French professionals AND YCI (Young Curators Invitational) at Grand Palais :
Part 1: François Quintin, Director, Lafayette foundation; Sandra Patron, Director, Musée régional d'art contemporain Languedoc-Roussillon; Anne Dressen, Curator, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris; Chantal Pontbriand, contemporary art curator and critic. Founder of PARACHUTE contemporary art magazine.
Part 2: Conversation between Céleste Boursier-Mougenot (artist representing France at the 56th Venice Biennale) Emma Lavigne, Curator of the French Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, Director of the Pompidou Centre Metz, and François Quintin.
FIAC International Art Fair for Contemporary Art – Grand Palais
Opening Louis Vuitton Foundation
Thursday, October 23
Meurice Prize
Ricard Foundation, 16th Prize Fondation d'entreprise Ricard
Centre Pompidou, Latifa Echakch, 2013 Duchamp Prize Winner
Monnaie De Paris
Palais De Tokyo, Inside
Friday, October 24
One day tour in Rennes :
Les ateliers de Rennes – Contemporary Art Biennale (Curator : Zoë Gray)
Musée des Beaux-Arts
FRAC Bretagne
Halle Courrouze
Saturday, October 25
Departure of the participants


Adeline Blanchard, Project Manager for Visual Arts, Institut français



Visual Arts FOCUS


26 May - 1 June 2015


FRAC PACA, Marseille. Architecte : Kengo Kuma. © JC Lett





27 – 31 May 2015



Welcoming at the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS by 
Meeting with French Professionals
Meeting and Lunch at Palais de Tokyo art center
60ème Salon de Montrouge, salon for emerging artists
Centre Pompidou : visit of Le Nouveau Festival – Aire de Jeux
Visit of several arts centers from TRAM’s network
Micro-Onde art center, Vélizy 
Solo show of Hicham Berrada
MAC/VAL, Museum of Contemporary Art Val-de-Marne, Vitry-sur-Seine
Group show "Chercher le garçon" and visit of the collection
CREDAC art center, Ivry-sur-Seine
Solo show of Delphine Coindet
Studio visit : studio of artist Neil Beloufa
Bétonsalon art center
Solo show of Maryam Jafri
Gallery tour, Belleville
Meeting with gallery directors and artists
Meeting with Fondation des Galeries Lafayette, François Quintin, director
Gallery tour, Marais
Gaïté Lyrique, group show "Oracles du Design »
Project CHOICES, Paris Collectors Weekend 
One day tour in Marseille
Le printemps de l’art contemporain: series of art exhibitions and programs with
many venues
Special program curated by Caroline Hancock
Visit of FRAC Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur (Regional Collection for Contemporary Art)
Visit of La Friche Belle de Mai - Tour Panorama
solo show by Guillaume Leblon
several collective shows
exhibitions with Residencies Asterides
Visit of La Cité Radieuse (architect : Le Corbusier)
special project by artist Sigalit Landau
M. Rodrigo Alonso, Independent curator
Brésil :
Mrs Elsa Ravazzolo-Botner – Director, A Gentil Carioca Gallery, Rio de Janeiro
Mrs. Tan Yue – Assistant curator, Times Museum, Guangzhou
Etats-Unis :
Mrs Tricia Van Eck – Artistic Director & founder 6108North, Chicago
Mrs Dalia Manor - Director and curator of Negev Museum of Art, Be’er Sheva, and Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures
Mrs Yumiko Nonaka – 21st century Museum of contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Mrs Sachiko Namba, Independent Curator at MOT, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Mrs Ann Shelton - Curator, Te Whare Hera, Wellington International Artist Residency 
Mrs Yulia Khokhlova – The State Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg
Mrs Nelya Korzhova – Head of the regional Department of the Volga branch – National Center for Contemporary Art, Samara 

19 – 23 October 2015



18 contemporary art locations visited
30 French professionals/artists met
15 curators invited :
Alexie Glass-Kantor, Director of Artspace Sydney and curator encounter for Art Basel | Hong Kong
Anne Faucheret, curator, Kunsthalle Wien
Juliana Braga de Mattos, Director of the visual and media art department, SESC, São Paolo
Sylvie Fortin, Executive and artistic director, Biennale de Montréal
Reid Shier, Director and curator, Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver
Maria Paz Gaviria, Director - ARTBO – International Art Fair, Bogotá
Angela Pérez Mejía, Cultural Chief manager - Banco de la República Colombia
Caroline Ponce de Léon, cultural advisor – Ministry of Culture
Emiliano Valdes, Curator - Museum of Modern Art, Medellin
Lucia Garcia Rodriguez, Director, LABoral | Centro de Arte y creación Industrial , Gijón
United States
Jarrett Gregory, Associate curator, Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Cliodhna Shaffrey, Director, Temple bar, Dublin
Yukiko Shikata, Independant curator  / SIAF / AMIT / Ibaraki Festival
Sarah Martin, head of exhibitions, Turner contemporary, Margate
Khun Aim, head of exhibitions, Bangkok art and culture centre


Monday october 19
Welcoming at the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS and introduction of the guests
Centre Pompidou
Julien Prévieux "Des corps schématiques"
Dominique Gonzalez Foerster "1887-2058"
Palais de Tokyo
Mélanie Matranga "反复 [FANFU] "
Tuesday october 20 : One day tour in Lyon
Visit of the 13th Biennale de Lyon "Modern Life"
L’Institut d’art contemporain Villeurbanne / Rhône Alpes
Group show "Rendez-vous 15 – Jeune création internationale"
Wednesday october 21 : Focus FIAC (International Art Fair of Contemporary Art)
Roundtable organised by l’Institut français in collaboration with YCI program : "French artscene : Great Expectations!?"
Participants: Marc Bembekoff, Leonardo Bigazzi, Vincent Honoré, Elena Sorokina / Moderator : Marianne Derrien
Visit of the Art Fair
Thursday october 22
Visit of artist's studios
Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard
« L’ordre des lucioles » (the order of fireflies), Exhibition for the 17th Prize Fondation d’entreprise Ricard
Centre National des Arts Plastiques
Presentation of the collections
Friday october 23 : Focus Contemporary art centres from Tram's network
Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers
Katinka Bock "Zarba Lonsa"
La Maréchalerie
Christophe Berdaguer et Marie Péjus
Credac – centre d’art contemporain, Ivry
Group show "Tout le monde"
Ferme du Buisson
Group show  "Alfred Jarry Archipelago : la valse des pantins – Acte II"


61e Salon de Montrouge / Languedoc Roussillon
9 – 13 May 2016


simulation 3d de l’extension du musée de Sérignan © DR

18 contemporary art locations visited

34 French professionals/artists met

16 curators invited



Severin Duenser – Curator, 21er Haus, Museum of contemporary art, Vienna

Benjamin Seroussi – Director, Casa do Povo and curator, la Vila Itororó, São Paulo

Georgina Jackson – Director of Exhibitions & Publications, Mercer Union, Toronto

Lorna Brown  –  Curator Belkin Art gallery, Vancouver

Alejandro Martin – Curator, Museo La Tertulia, Cali

Felix Ruhöfer –  Artistic director and curator, basis e.v, Francfort

Sunil V. – Founder of the Kochi- Muziris biennale, executive director of  Wieden + Kennedy’s agency

Massimo Torrigiani – Chairman of the curatorial board, PAC Padiglione di Arte Contemporanea di Milano, director of the center for contemporary art, Bari

Toshio Kondo – curator, Art front gallery, Tokyo

Taiye Idahor  –  Curator, contemporary art center, Lagos

Anna Czaban  –  Curator in the Department of Community Oriented Projects, Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

Zhenya Chaika –  curator and director of Artist-in-residence program, Ural Industrial Biennal, Ekaterinburg

Gridthiya Gaweewong – artistic director Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok

Elif Kamisli – independant curator and coordinator for the Istanbul Biennial

Leigh Arnold – Curator, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas

Kyla McDonald – Artistic Director, Glasgow sculpture centre




Monday May 9

Welcoming at the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS and introduction of the guests


Palais de Tokyo

Michael et Florian Quistrebert - The light of the light / Louidgi Beltrame - El Brujo / Sara Favriau - La redite en somme, ne s’amuse pas de sa répétition singulière

Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard

Dove Allouche - Mea culpa d’un sceptique

Meeting with Melik Ohanian


Tuesday May 10


MAC VAL, musée d’art contemporain du Val-de-Marne

Pierre Ardouvin -Tout est affaire de décor

La Ferme du Buisson

Kapwani Kiwanga - Ujamaa

Château de Rentilly

Michel François - Dix neuf mille affiches. 1994 - 2016

Villa Vassilieff

Group show: Groupe mobile


Wednesday May 11


Meeting with Ulla Van Brandenbourg

Galleries tour

Screening and meeting with Red Shoes

Visit of la cité internationale des arts


Thursday May 12


61th Salon de Montrouge

Frac Languedoc Roussillon

Presentation of the collection and visit of Hamid Maghraoui « Dresscode » exhibition


Friday May 13


Meeting with Nicolas Bourriaud director of the contemporary art centre La Panacée, Montpellier

Centre Régional d’art contemporain, Sète

Philippe Durand – La vallée des merveilles 2

Philippe Ramette– Promenades irrationnelles

Olga Kisseleva– Sea view

Musée Régional d’art contemporain de Sérignan (Mrac)

Presentation of the collection and visit  of Bruno Peinado’s exhibition